A Meticulous Home Buying Process

Buying a home requires more than locating your perfect home.  Southern California real estate is competitive.  Your agent must determine more than a competitive offer price.

Sellers are unique as the homes they sell, by researching each seller and communicating with their agent I can determine the best way to approach each seller.

As a home buyer you have needs too.  Listening to your needs and addressing them in your purchase assures you get the best result for you.

The Offer Process

  • Get Pre-Approved

    Pre-approval is the first step to take when preparing to buy a home.  Pre-approval provides a solid understanding of what you can afford and helps determin the areas you will be searching for a home in.  In most Sothern California areas offers will not be considered without a pre-approval letter from a lender.

  • Offer Submission

    Once a suitable home has been located we will sit down and prepare the offer to purchase. I will guide you throught and explain in detail the terms of the contract created so you have a thourogh understanding of the terms offered.  A typical offer will include your mortgage pre-approval letter, proof of funds for closing costs, and your purchase offer contract.

  • Offer Response

    Once your offer has been delivered there is a waiting period for the seller to reply.  The boiler plate time frame is 3 days after delivery but this can be shortened or lengthened depending on offer strategy. The seller will either accept the offer, counter the offer or reject the offer.

  • Acceptance

    Once your offer has been accepted the negotiated closing timeline begins. Escrow will be opened and your good faith deposit will be delivered to escrow. Inspections will be completed and repairs or credits negotiated. Your lender will be working with you to collect all paperwork to be completed and documents signed.  The escrow period has many moving parts that I will guide and advise you through to keep the process as smooth as possible.

Ready To Buy?

Let me help you get into your new home.